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A unique advertising platform for the marketing of elite sports organizations such as international conferences, exhibitions, world cup, olympic games, and Formula 1.

With 20 years of experience gained from worldwide aviation activities, Mira Aviation has developed Mira Ads considering the private jet owners and private jet passengers.

Mira Ads provides measurable and innovative methods and effective results for international conferences, fairs and special sports events such as world cups, olympics, Formula 1. These methods are classified as Onboard Advertising, Online Advertising and Customized Advertising.

Mira Ads promises a measurable change in the way you interact with your target audience and is 100% compatible for brands:

  • International Conferences
  • International Events
  • Global Exhibitions
  • International Sports Events

Please visit Mira Ads Advertising Methods page or go to the relevant part of the article Private Jet Advertising, Online Advertising and Customized Advertising Methods for further information.

About Mira Aviation and Passenger Profiles

The effects and success of Online Advertising methods are hidden in Mira Aviation’s experience and in the profile of passengers who prefer Mira Aviation for private jet flights.

With 20 years of experience in the field, Mira Aviation is your aviation expert specializing in Business Jet / Helicopter Charter, Group Charter, Air Ambulance Service Provider, Aircraft Sales & Management. Mira was founded on the belief that the most valuable asset in aviation is trust. Our company strives to not simply one transaction, but build a lasting relationship with which all aircraft services may be utilized from a trusted partner. Our worldwide partner network as well as Joint Ventures complement one another to a team of selected and highly qualified specialists which are available worldwide and at any time.

Let’s take a look at Mira Aviation passenger profiles:

  • Our passengers lead an average of 100 people from the A+ income group, including themselves and their families. It can be said that they contribute to the spread and popularization of a preferred brand, product or service.
  • There is no other area other than a private jet where passengers can spend time during the flight. During the flight, passengers focus on on-board materials and interact with advertising videos to be displayed on in-flight entertainment, as well as print materials and promotional products. If the brand, product or service is commercially attractive, it will most likely be purchased.

For detailed information about Mira passenger profiles, please review the content about Mira Ads Passenger Profiles. For further information and to get a quote, please contact us on the Contact page.

Mira Ads Advertising Methods

MIRA Ads understands passenger needs and behaviors. It increases your brand interaction by sharing appropriate, quality content and shares them directly on in-flight entertainment, tables and on Mira Aviation website and social media channels. If we look at Mira Ads Ad Methods in more detail:

On-board Advertising on Private Jet

Mira Ads promises to show your brand to a very special audience with in-flight entertainment, printed materials such as promotional brochures and various promotional products. Please click for details.

Online Advertising

Mira Aviation enables you to reach selected qualified target audiences with its worldwide cooperation network and millions of visitors and its web pages, applications and e-bulletin lists.

Web Pages and Applications: While Mira web pages and banner ads increase your webpage organic traffic, they strengthen your digital presence by taking your brand one step further. The effectiveness of advertisements on Mira pages and applications is always measured and shared with brand owners.

Newsletter: Considering the passenger profile of Mira Aviation, it has a wide and valuable e-bulletin list. Mira Ads shares your brand, product, service and message with an email list of 20,000+ people. A detailed report is always sent to the brand owners on the performance of the email campaign.

Please contact us to get more information about Mira Ads methods and passenger profiles, sample projects, customer references and other details.