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With Mira Ads, you can engage millions of potential customer with your brand throughout the flight.

MIRA Ads understands passenger needs and behaviors. It increases your brand interaction by sharing appropriate, quality content and shares them directly on in-flight entertainment, tables and on Mira Aviation website and social media channels.

On-board Advertising Opportunities

Mira Ads shares your brand with a very special audience with in-flight entertainment, printed materials such as promotional brochures and various promotional products.

  • In-flight Entertainment

Share your message in a very effective way with in-flight entertainment!

In-flight entertainment systems can be used in creative ways. Your commercial film can be placed on entertainment screens before take-off or after landing and it can help to establish a strong connection between your brand and the target audience.

  • Your Brand / Inflight Print Opportunities

Meet your brand with a qualified and valuable audience who want to hear what you have to say!

Printed materials continue to be seen as the most reliable form of advertisement. Thanks to the comfort of private flights, most of the passengers directly access, keep and remember the ads on the plane.

  • Advertising and Sampling

Get all the attention with impressive inspiring designs!

Experiential advertising campaigns offer unique opportunities for your brand to make a positive impact in on-board advertising. You can sample your products like coupons, brochures, vouchers etc during a flight. A direct handover not only creates more impact, it ensures high brand recall value and boosts in sales.

Please contact us to get more information about Mira Ads methods, passenger profiles, sample projects, customer references, and other details.