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With 20 years of experience gained from worldwide aviation activities, Mira Aviation has developed Mira Ads in order to build a perfect advertising platform for luxury brand owners. It enables you to create unique touch-points thanks to its extensive network and global partnerships.

Private jet passengers are usually the most influential people on earth. MIRA Ads give you the opportunity to advertise to the selected audience for your advertising and marketing campaigns. Moreover, your target audience is constantly evaluated, analyzed and reported by aviation professionals and experienced media team. With its measurable and innovative method, MIRA Ads interacts with your brand.

According to 2021-2022 data;

  • 7% of our Passengers aged 18 – 24
  • 20% of our passengers aged 25 – 34
  • 30% of our passengers aged 35 – 44
  • 31% of our passengers aged 45 – 54
  • 10% of our passengers aged 55 – 64
  • 2% of our passengers aged over 65

Mira Aviation Charter passenger gender ranges are given as %.

MIRA Ads provides an elite and wealthy target audience for brands and businesses. In this way, advertising campaigns promise maximum return on investment and brand awareness is ensured.

MIRA Ads’ versatile and unique advertising platform reach your selected target audience directly.

MIRA Ads understands passenger needs and behaviors. It increases your brand interaction by sharing appropriate, quality content and shares directly on in-flight entertainment, tables, and on MIRA Aviation’s website and social media channels.

With its effective results and measurable and innovative solutions, MIRA Ads leaves traditional advertising platforms behind with Onboard Advertisement, Online Advertisement, and Customized Advertisement options.

The following industries can benefit MIRA Ads for their advertising and marketing strategies.

The following industries can benefit Mira Ads for their advertising and marketing strategies.

About Mira Aviation

With 20 years of experience in the field, Mira Aviation is your aviation expert specializing in Private Jet Charter, Group Charter, Air Ambulance and Aircraft Sales & Management.

Believing that the most valuable asset in aviation is trust, Mira Aviation provide a customer-oriented, transparent and versatile service. Mira has gained a reputation as a professional service provider thanks to its worldwide partner network and Joint Ventures.

Today Mira Aviation has become one of the leading broker companies in the industry with the sales of more than 40 aircrafts and over 7,000 hours of private jet flights.